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Dear Colleague

Following the amazing range of submissions for our international conference addressing significant social, political and clinical themes, our organisations (Pratt, Brunel University, NYU, ICAPT, Edge Hill University and CNWL NHS Foundation Trust) have agreed to sponsor the first awards ceremony for outstanding achievements made by organisations and individuals in the field.

If you would like to submit something in recognition of your own achievements or know someone or an organisation that you feel deserves to be recognised for their contribution, please complete the form.

Please note that the award ceremony will be on Sunday, 7.30pm on the 6th October 2019 at Pratt, Brooklyn at the closing of the conference.

Team / Organisation Awards

  • Advancing education –   Sponsored by Pratt, NY, USA

Being innovative in practice requires innovative learning methods, tools and approaches. The nominated team/ organisation will demonstrate an impact on learning outcomes that advance our understanding of the role of arts in teaching as well as arts-based practice/ arts therapies.

  • Global Action –  Sponsored by Brunel University UK

This award is for offering an arts-based practice/ arts therapies trans-disciplinary approach whilst providing an international context to the practice or activity of the team or organisation. You will demonstrate how you have responded to a specific or general global challenge facing us today. Examples might be impact through changes to policy, or developments in practice or research, however the team or organization must show influence across more than one broad region of the world.

  • Impact on the Environment –   Sponsored by Pratt, NY, USA

Your team or organisation will show how you have sued arts-based practice/ arts therapies are used to construct and evaluate care and prevention strategies as a way of understanding and managing impact on the environment. This can include using arts to interact with eco-systems, developing new ways of living or using the arts to communicate about socio-environmental issues.

  • Arts in Health –   Sponsored by Edge Hill University, UK

The team or organisation will demonstrate an impact and engagement in the area of health that shows outstanding contributions to recipients. Health is understood as relating to physical, mental, and social well-being and nominees should be able to describe how they understand the process by which you have enabled arts-based practice/ arts therapies to impact on health.  

  • Innovation and impact –   Sponsored by NYU, USA

A team or organisation that has produced novel approaches to organising, engaging, practising, researching or promoting arts-based practice and/ or arts therapies. The innovation should be able to demonstrate sustainable impact within the given field.

Individual Awards

  • Trans-professional working –  Sponsored by CNWL NHS Foundation Trust, UK

This category shows individuals working across roles, through dual training, collaborations or interdisciplinary work. There should be evidence of sustained working across the borders of defined roles.

  • Working with social Crisis –       Sponsored by Brunel University UK

There are growing numbers of people is crisis in the world. The nominee should show evidence of using arts to impact on people that have experienced trauma, displacement or marginalisation.

  • Early career researcher –     Sponsored by NYU, USA
  • Early career researcher –     Sponsored by Edge Hill University, UK

This award is for a nominee who has recently begun a research career and can offer a recent example of evidence of making significant steps in the field of research. The nominee should describe novel developments, knowledge or understanding produced as a result of their research.

  • Leadership –   Sponsored by CNWL NHS Foundation Trust, UK

This award is for individuals demonstrating ethical approaches to creating cultures of organised responsiveness to today’s challenges. The nominee should show evidence of working collaboratively with vision and scope for sustainable development of art-based practice and/or arts therapies in their given field.

Please submit nominations by 21st July 2019

We look forward to receiving your nominations!

From the Awards Panel,

Claire, Dominik, Linda, Mario, Nisha, Tom & Vicky

The ICAPT team (CNWL) London, Pratt Institute, NYU Steinhardt, Brunel University London & Edge Hill University