Kimberley is passionate about supporting people to find ways to express and understand themselves. It is through this understanding that healing is possible. Dance Movement Psychotherapy supports a reconnection of mind and body towards whole person health. Many of our mental illnesses are experienced directly through the body or subsequently impacted. Kimberley supports the body to support the mind, aware that we are living in society where the mind is overwhelmed on a daily basis. P Dance Movement Psychotherapy is accredited by the Association of Dance Movement Psychotherapy UK and is a recognised under U.K.C.P. (United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy). Kimberly’s practice is an integrative approach with a person centred focus. Her approach allows space for each session to adapt to the needs arising in the space, moving away from ‘one size suits all’ focus. Kimberley’s practice is safe confidential space for this unfolding to begin. No experience in dance or movement is required just your presence in the space is enough. Kimberley is currently practicing Dance Movement Psychotherapy in the UK both privately and as part of the NHS Eating Disorder Service.